Hardware Insertion / Assembly

Carlson Metal products can assemble various metal components together to form a complete product or structure. This can involve joining individual parts using fasteners (e.g. bolts, nuts, and screws), welding, or other methods, and may also involve the addition of non-metal components, such as electrical components, gaskets, or other materials. Carlson Metal Products also installs various hardware components, such as hinges, locks, handles, and other fixtures, onto the metal structures or products that have been fabricated.

Why you should choose Carlson Metal for your Hardware Insertion / Assembly project...

Carlson Metal Products’ assembly process ensures that all components are properly aligned, fitted, and secured, and that the final product meets the specified design requirements. Assembly can be done manually or using automated machinery, and the specific techniques used will depend on the size, complexity, and type of product being assembled.

Hardware installation can involve drilling holes, attaching brackets, and securing the hardware components with fasteners such as screws, PEM fasteners, nuts, and bolts. The hardware used in our metal fabrication can be made of various materials including steel, aluminum, and brass, and it is selected based on the specific requirements of the product and the operating environment.

Working with Carlson Metal Products, you can count on quality parts and assemblies delivered on time. Contact us with your questions or to request a quote for your next project.