Carlson Metal Products utilizes a turret press. Turret punching is a metal fabrication process that uses a turret press to punch holes and shapes into sheet metal. The turret press has a rotating turret equipped with multiple tool stations, each holding a different punch or die.

Why you should choose Carlson Metal for your Punching project...

As the turret rotates, the desired punch or die is positioned over the sheet metal, and a hydraulic ram forces the punch through the metal to create the desired shape or hole. Turret punching is a fast and efficient method for producing high volumes of precise, uniform holes and shapes in sheet metal, making it a common choice for production in the metal fabrication industry.

Turret punching is ideal for creating features such as holes for bolts or rivets, louvers, and other decorative shapes. Punching is also used in combination with other metal fabrication processes such as bending, welding, and forming to create finished products.

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